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Burning Man 2013

Nasa Image of Black Rock City.
Wikimedia Commons / Black Rock City 2005 as seen from NASA's World Wind.

NEVADA - AUGUST 25 Thru SEPT 2, 2013

Elevated Image of Black Rock City.
Wikimedia Commons / Black Rock City Enhanced.

24 Hour Live Webcast

Neon in the Desert - The Las Vegas Doppleganger

The Black Rock City - Burning Man Festival starts August 29th with thousands of people, from all over the world, gathering to
create an Art Community in the Northern Desert of Nevada. This year marks the 21th anniversary of the Burning Man Festival.

This same time, every year before the Labor Day Weekend, this Desert Art Festival builds itself anew - as thousands of attendees
(known as Burners & looking like futuristic Mad Max Woodstockers) set-out and create a week-long, manmade-environment
that's as unique, creative and individualized as can possibly be. A new & temporary Happy City of Futuristic Gypsies.

Regardless of one's personal feelings about people who head to the desert to take part in seemingly, pagan-like rituals...we
have to agree that Burning Man makes everyone examine and re-think what they expect from a society. There's much to
learn from what happens there. Could you ever imagine yourself attending and surviving the event. Would it change you?
Who knows. But as Nevadans, we need to be aware of & ponder what happens at BRC each year. Hence, these webpages.

Banner 3 BRC.

'Burning Man' Poster Available from AllPosters.com

Banner 3 BRC.

'Wicker Man' Poster Available from AllPosters.com

Official Burning Man Website

An excellent, high-definition compilation video showing the 'Burning Man Festival of 2009'. Shot by the Brazilian Crew.
If you want to find out what Burning Man is all about in three, fun minutes...this single video will show you.




Five Videos. (Mostly) in High-Definition of the Burning Man Festival.




The Past, Present & Future of Burning Man

Includes over 22 great videos selected from over 500 on YouTube. Updated videos coming thru the week.

2011 Guide to Burning Man Art - 115 Page PDF

Burning Man - 16 Page Survival Guide PDF

Preparation Website

Burning Man Books & DVDs



Time Magazine's Interview With Burning Man Founder

Five Things Cities Can Learn From Burning Man

Live Burning Man Webcast Streaming - For the Next Week - Day & Night

Live Video Plus Over 100 Up-To-The-Second Twitter 'Burning Man' Tweets

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